The Offering

Dont keep me a secret

Be an outstanding Leader – Negotiator – Salesperson – Manager – Presenter.

Understand the keys to impactful communication in thought provoking interactive workshops:

The Power of Instant Rapport – Making an impact in 30 seconds

Web, Video and Pod Casting – “Selling” the message to an invisible audience.

Managing the Interview – Every question is a “gift” – an opportunity to re-emphasise your message.

The Versatile Voice – Power, Pace, Persuasion – Voice Coaching

Body Talking – Harnessing the art of non-verbal communication

Talking their language – Speech patterning to stimulate visual, auditory and emotional response

What are they really saying? – Active listening skills

Sound Bite Selling – Coin a phrase and make your message stick

Memory Mastery – Deliver your message. Don’t just read it

Powerful Personal Impact – Personal Branding and Style Counselling

Influencing Mastery – Mirror, Match, Lead – Powerful influencing techniques

Lights–Camera-Action – An “In Studio” experience to master presentation technology

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